Endorsements and Recommendations

As a business executive, one lives and thrives by one's reputation.  It's not only important to gather feedback from direct supervisors, but from peers, direct reports and most importantly, customers.  Here are just a sample of the feedback Robert has earned from people whose opinion he values and trusts. 

John Briggs

Direct Report at Global Healthcare Exchange

"Bob was my hiring manager when I joined GHX. He started there just a couple months before me. I saw, very quickly, his ability to lead when facing chaos. The  organization had been performing poorly in addressing customer issues. Resolution time was simply not good enough. What did Bob do? He led the team to find ways to improve ticket resolution time. So much so, that the percentage of tickets that exceeded SLA fell to nearly zero. 

I also saw Bob reshape a very reactive  organization to a much more proactive  and cohesive team. 

I recommend Bob highly. He's results-driven, a visionary leader, and someone I'd welcome the opportunity to work with again,"

William Arras

VP Gov't Programs - DigitalGlobe

"Bob has a great grasp of operationally relevant trends and their associated details that enable effective decision making within the International Defense and Intelligence Business Unit within DigitalGlobe. Moreover, he is able to balance the most challenging and competing needs of customers against DG capabilities to quickly come to the best possible solution to satisfy our customer requirements."

Steve  Wood

Former Supervisor and and Founder/CEO of Allsource Analysis Inc.

"I have known Bob for the past several years. Bob impressed me from the very beginning with his organizational skills, customer service knowledge and business aptitude of how to make complex work processes simpler. Coupled together with his passion and attitude, he has made a difference. 

 Not only is he a hard worker, but one who has always impressed me as one who thrives in dealing with challenging situations, excels when traveling around the world to meet with both pleasant and difficult customers but also is one who will tell you the flat-out truth!
I heartily recommend Bob!"

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James Harvey - VP Cloud Svcs - GCG

Former Supervisor at Trimble Navigation

"Bob, simply put, is awesome. He has earned the respect of his team, peers, and customers and managed all into the rarified air of highly functioning team dynamics. Remarkably, the transformation has involved little fanfare. He is one of those individuals we secretly envy because they make the difficult simple; when anything but. Bob accomplishes this with a strong, yet refreshingly comfortable style of leadership. It is as though drama does not exist within his sphere of influence. 

Bob also brings execution science to the table. His demonstrable leadership, combined with process engineering improvements are driving measurable efficiencies in our finance and customer service governance models."

Steve Ashby

Peer at DigitalGlobe

"Bob is THE expert on process improvement; metrics used smartly and customer support.

He literally wrote the book on the subject and is the person our team goes to for work flows and organization solutions."

Kevin Ream

Direct Report at Global Healthcare Exchange

"Bob is great to work with and great to work for. Bob is an excellent 'all around' leader whom encourages personal and professional growth of all of those around him. Bob is also very good at inspiring loyalty and trust among staff, peers, and most of all from his customers. Bob uses no-nonsense, metrics driven continual improvement processes to improve all those around him and to achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction."

Dave Barriball

Peer at TCI Inc.

"Bob's expertise in operations, process development and his ability to get things done is one of the main reasons we were so successful."